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Title ISSN Subject Database Type Detail
Trakya Universitesi Tip Fakultesi Dergisi 13013149 medical sciences DOAJ Detail
Transactions of the Visualization Society of Japan computer sciences DOAJ Detail
Transactions of the VSB : Technical University of Ostrava 12100471 technology DOAJ Detail
Transformations: Liberal Arts in the Digital Age education DOAJ Detail
Translation and Interpreting : The International Journal of Translation and Interpreting Research 18369324 linguistics DOAJ Detail
Translational Oncogenomics 11772727 translational science / translation / genes / genomics / oncology DOAJ Detail
Transoxiana : Journal de Estudios Orientales d0000910 oriental studies / asian studies DOAJ Detail
Transplantationsmedizin 09469648 transplantation / nephrology / cardiology / hepatology / immunology DOAJ Detail
Transport 16484142 transport system / transportation technology / vehicles / traffic safety / environment protection DOAJ Detail
Transport Problems : an International Scientific Journal 18960596 transport research / transport technology / transport economics / transport logistics / transport law DOAJ Detail
Trends in Agricultural Economics 19947933 agricultural economics / agricultural production / applied economics DOAJ Detail
Trials 17456215 controlled trials / clinical trials / cardiovascular medicine DOAJ Detail
Turk Dermatoloji Dergisi 13077635 dermatology / clinical research / experimental research DOAJ Detail
Turk Pediatri Arsivi 13060015 medicine / pediatrics / neonatology DOAJ Detail
Turk Psikiyatri Dergisi 13002163 psychiatry / behavioural sciences / mental health DOAJ Detail
Turkish Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism 13012193 clinical endocrinology / experimental endocrinology / metabolism DOAJ Detail
Turkish Journal of Hematology 13007777 haematology / laboratory analyses / clinical research / experimental research DOAJ Detail
Turkish Journal of Oncology 13007467 oncology DOAJ Detail
Turkish Journal of Rheumatology 13005286 rheumatology / clinical rheumatology / rehabilitation DOAJ Detail
Turkiye Fiziksel Tip ve Rehabilitasyon Dergisi 13020234 physical medicine / rheumatology / rehabilitation DOAJ Detail

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