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Title ISSN Subject Database Type Detail
Sociologias 15174522 applied social sciences DOAJ Detail
Sociology of Sport Online (SOSOL)           sport science DOAJ Detail
Sociosfera 20787081 multidisciplinary DOAJ Detail
Solstice : An Electronic Journal of Geography and Mathematics 10595325 mathematics / geography DOAJ Detail
Solutions Journal 21540896 environmental sciences DOAJ Detail
Sonograma 19891938 music DOAJ Detail
Sound Journal science DOAJ Detail
Source Code for Biology and Medicine 17510473 biological research / medical research DOAJ Detail
South African Medical Journal 02569574 medicine DOAJ Detail
South-Eastern Europe Journal of Economics (SEEJE) 11098597 economics DOAJ Detail
Southeast European Politics Online political science DOAJ Detail
Southern Med Review 11742704 medicine use / medicine access / pharmacy / developing countries / public health DOAJ Detail
Spaces for Difference : an Interdisciplinary Journal 19458673 multidisciplinary DOAJ Detail
Speleogenesis and Evolution of Karst Aquifers 1814294X cave origin / karst hydrogeology / evolution of karst DOAJ Detail
Sport scientific and Practical Aspects 18404413 sports medicine DOAJ Detail
Spreadsheets in Education 14486156 spreadsheets / education / constructivism DOAJ Detail
Sprouts : Working Papers on Information Systems 15356078 information technology / information environments / information infrastructures / socio-technical design / management information systems / information management DOAJ Detail
Sri Lanka Journal of Critical Care 20125836 internal medicine DOAJ Detail
Stem Cells International 16879678 internal medicine DOAJ Detail
Stephan Mueller Special Publication Series 18684556 earth sciences / geology DOAJ Detail

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