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Title ISSN Subject Database Type Detail
Informacao & Informacao 14142139 information science / information management / library science / librarianship / archival science DOAJ Detail
Informacao & Sociedade: Estudos 18094783 information science; library science; information technology DOAJ Detail
Informatica 03505596 computing / informatics / software DOAJ Detail
Informatica Economica Journal 14531305 economic informatics / information society / information systems / it DOAJ Detail
Information Research: an international electronic journal 13681613 library and information science DOAJ Detail
Information Technologies and International Development 15447529 ict / it / technology / communications DOAJ Detail
Information Technology Journal 18125638 computer science / information systems / computer systems / information engineering / software engineering DOAJ Detail
Informes de la Construccion 00200883 architecture and engineering / environment / construction systems / testing techniques / building compound research DOAJ Detail
Informing Science The International Journal of an Emerging Transdiscipline 15479684 library and information science / journalism / informing science DOAJ Detail
Informing Science: The International Journal of An Emerging Discipline library and information science DOAJ Detail
Ingenieria y Universidad 01232126 engineering / technology DOAJ Detail
Inkoj 20374550 linguistics DOAJ Detail
Innovation in Teaching and Learning in Information and Computer Sciences 14737507 education DOAJ Abstract Detail
Inquiries in Sport & Physical Education 17903041 physical education / recreation / physical activity / sports DOAJ Detail
InSight: A Journal of Scholarly Teaching 19334850 scholarship of teaching and learning DOAJ Detail
Intangible Capital 16979818 strategic management / human resource management / psychology / education / it / supply chain management / accounting DOAJ Detail
Integers Electronic Journal of Combinatorial Number Theory mathematics DOAJ Detail
Integral Review 15533069 transdisciplinary / social change / development / integral approaches DOAJ Detail
Integrated Blood Pressure Control 11787104 internal medicine DOAJ Detail
Integrative Medicine Insights 11773936 complementary medicine DOAJ Detail

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