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Title ISSN Subject Database Type Detail
Open Access Journal of Forensic Psychology 19485115 psychology DOAJ Detail
Ophthalmology and Eye Diseases 11791721 ophthalamology DOAJ Detail
Opiniao Publica 01046276 applied social sciences / human sciences DOAJ Detail
Optica Applicata 00785466 applied and theoretical optics / optical technology / photonics / optoelectronics DOAJ Detail
Optics Express, the International Electronic Journal of Optics science DOAJ Detail
Optometry & Vision Development 15574113 eye care / visual systems DOAJ Detail
Opuscula Zoologica Instituti Zoosystematici et Oecologici Universitatis Budapestinensis 02375419 taxonomy / ecology / soil zoology / hydrobiology DOAJ Detail
Orbital : the Electronic Journal of Chemistry 19846428 chemistry / natural sciences / chemistry education / chemistry history DOAJ Detail
Organic Chemistry International 2090200X organic chemistry DOAJ Detail
Organic Communications 13076175 synthetic organic chemistry / mechanistic organic chemistry DOAJ Detail
Organizacoes & Sociedade 1413585X management DOAJ Detail
Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases 17501172 rare diseases / orphan drugs DOAJ Detail
Orthopedic Research and Reviews 11791462 medicine DOAJ Detail
Osteopathic Medicine and Primary Care 17504732 medicine / internal medicine / pediatrics / obstetrics / gynecology DOAJ Detail
Ostium 13366556 philosophy DOAJ Detail
Other Voices, The 9eJournal of Cultural Criticism DOAJ Detail
Other Voices: The (e) Journal of Cultural Criticism culture DOAJ Detail
Ouaderns de Psicologia 02113481 psychology DOAJ Detail
Outskirts Online Journal gender studies DOAJ Detail

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