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Title ISSN Subject Database Type Detail
Market Forces 18168434 management / marketing / finance / social theory / political theory DOAJ Detail
Marmara Medical Journal 10191941 general medicine DOAJ Detail
MARS : The International Journal of Mars Science and Exploration 15481921 mars science / spacecraft / planetary protection DOAJ Detail
Mastozoologia Neotropical 03279383 neotropical mammals / fossils DOAJ Detail
Matematicas : Ensenanza Universitaria 01206788 mathematics DOAJ Detail
Materiales de Construccion 04652746 cement / concrete / durability / corrosion / restoration / conservation / use of industrial waste and by-products in construction DOAJ Detail
Materials 19961944 materials science / materials engineering / nanoscience / nanotechnology DOAJ Detail
Materials Physics and Mechanics science DOAJ Detail
Materials Research 15161439 engineering / exact and earth sciences DOAJ Detail
Mathematical Problems in Engineering 1024123X aerospace engineering / bioengineering / chemical engineering / computer engineering / electrical engineering / industrial engineering / differential equations / stochastic processes / nonlinear analysis DOAJ Detail
Mathematics and its Applications : Annals of the Academy of Romanian Scientists 20665997 mathematics DOAJ Detail
Media History Monographs, An Online Journal of Media History communication DOAJ Detail
Mediascape : UCLA's Journal of Cinema and Media Studies 1558478X arts DOAJ Detail
Mediations 1075041X marxism / culture / literature / history / theory DOAJ Detail
Mediators of Inflammation 09629351 cellular mediators DOAJ Detail
mediAzioni : Rivista Online di Studi Interdisciplinari su Lingue e Culture 19744382 multidisciplinary DOAJ Detail
Medical Channel 16815491 medicine DOAJ Detail
Medical Education Online 10872981 medicine (general) / education DOAJ Detail
Medical Immunology 14769433 medicine / immunology DOAJ Detail
Medical Mycology 1232986X mycology / dermatology / skin disorders DOAJ Detail

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