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Title ISSN Subject Database Type Detail
Life Sciences and Medicine Research 19487886 medicine DOAJ Detail
Life Span and Disability 20355963 psychology DOAJ Detail
Limite 07181361 philosophy / psychology DOAJ Detail
Linguamatica 16470818 linguistics DOAJ Detail
Linguistica Uralica 08684731 finno-ugric linguistics / samoyedic linguistics DOAJ Detail
Linguistik online 16153014 linguistics DOAJ Detail
Lipid Insights 11786353 biochemistry / synthesis DOAJ Detail
Lipids in Health and Disease 1476511X medicine / lipids DOAJ Detail
Living Review science DOAJ Detail
Living Reviews in European Governance 1813856X european union / political planning / politics and government DOAJ Detail
Living Reviews in Landscape Research 18637329 landscape research / landscape modeling / land use / agriculture DOAJ Detail
Living Reviews in Relativity 14338351 physics / relativity DOAJ Detail
Living Reviews in Solar Physics 16144961 solar physics / heliospheric physics DOAJ Detail
Ljetopis Studijskog Centra Socijalnog Rada 18465412 social work / social science / social problems DOAJ Detail
LLRX.Com language and literature DOAJ Detail
Logistics Journal 18605923 intralogistics / technical logistics DOAJ Detail
Logistics Journal : Referierte Veroffentlichungen 18607977 intralogistics / technical logistics DOAJ Detail
LORE: Rhetoric, Writing, Culture language and literature DOAJ Detail
Lua Nova - Revista de Cultura e Politica 01026445 democracy / citizenship / rights DOAJ Detail
Lung India 09702113 respiratory medicine / immunology / intensive care / sleep medicine / thoracic surgery / thoracic imaging / occupational health DOAJ Detail

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