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Title ISSN Subject Database Type Detail
Carbon Balance and Management 17500680 global carbon cycle / climate / atmospheric carbon dioxide / terrestrial biospheres / oceanic biospheres DOAJ Detail
Cardiology Research and Practice 20900597 cardiovascular DOAJ Detail
Cardiovascular Diabetology 14752840 medicine / diabetology DOAJ Detail
Cardiovascular Ultrasound 14767120 medicine / cardiovascular ultrasound / radiology DOAJ Detail
Carnets de Geologie 17652553 geology DOAJ Detail
Carte Italiane 07379412 languages / literatures DOAJ Detail
Case Reports in Medicine 16879627 clinical medicine DOAJ Detail
Casopis Beskydy 18032451 forestry DOAJ Detail
Catalan Historical Review 2013407X history / research / catalan-speaking lands DOAJ Detail
Caucasian Review of International Affairs 18656773 political science / international relations DOAJ Detail
CBI: Chem-Bio Informatics Journal science DOAJ Detail
Cedille : Revista de Estudios Franceses 16994949 languages and literatures DOAJ Detail
Cell & Chromosome 14759268 cell biology / cromosomes DOAJ Detail
Cell Communication and Signaling 1478811X medicine / biology DOAJ Detail
Cell Death and Disease 20414889 medicine DOAJ Detail
Cell Division 17471028 cell cycle control / eukaryotes DOAJ Detail
Cell Health and Cytoskeleton 11791330 medicine DOAJ Detail
Cellular Therapy and Transplantation 1867416X gene therapy / stem cell transplantation DOAJ Detail
Central European Journal of International and Security Studies 1802548X political science DOAJ Detail
Central European Journal of Public Policy 18024866 public policy / policy analysis / central europe DOAJ Detail

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