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Title ISSN Subject Database Type Detail
Iranian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences 20083866 medical sciences / anatomical sciences / biochemistry / genetics / immunology / microbiology DOAJ Detail
Iranian Journal of Environmental Health Science & Engineering 17351979 environmental health DOAJ Detail
Iranian Journal of Kidney Diseases 17358582 nephrology / dialysis / kidney transplantation DOAJ Detail
Iranian Journal of Medical Hypotheses & Ideas 17359104 medical innovation / medical hypothesis DOAJ Detail
Iranian Journal of Pediatrics 10184406 pediatrics / children / adolescents DOAJ Detail
Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research 17350328 pharmaceutics / nanotechnology / medicinal chemistry / clinical pharmacy / pharmacognosy / pharmacology / natural products DOAJ Detail
Irinkerindo: A journal of African Migration sociology DOAJ Detail
Irish Journal of Psychological Medicine psychology DOAJ Detail
Island Studies Journal 17152593 island studies / geography / nissology DOAJ Detail
Issues In Educational Research education DOAJ Detail
Issues In Science & Technology Librarianship library and information science DOAJ Detail
ISYP Journal on Science and World Affairs 15741311 ethics / security / nuclear weapons DOAJ Detail
Italian Journal of Public Health 17237807 public health DOAJ Detail
Italiano LinguaDue 20373597 linguistics DOAJ Detail
ITALICS 14737507 discipline specific pedagogy DOAJ Detail
ITB Journal of Science 19783043 mathematics DOAJ Detail
ITF Coaching and Sport Science Review 18122302 sports science DOAJ Detail
IUCN Otter Specialist Group Bulletin 10239030 otter / taxonomy / toxicology / biology / conservation DOAJ Detail

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