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Title ISSN Subject Database Type Detail
Athena Intelligence Journal 19885237 terrorism / insurgency / political science DOAJ Detail
Athletic Insight sport science DOAJ Detail
Athletic Insight The Online journal of Sport Psychology DOAJ Detail
Atmosfera 01876236 atmospheric science / oceanography / ecology / air pollution DOAJ Detail
Atmospheric Chemistry & Physics science DOAJ Detail
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 16807316 gases / aerosols / clouds and precipitation / isotopes / radiation / dynamics / biosphere interactions / hydrosphere interactions DOAJ Detail
Atmospheric Pollution Research 13091042 meteorology / climatology DOAJ Detail
AUCO Czech Economic Review 18024696 political economy / institutional economics / public economics / game theory / mathematical methods in economics DOAJ Detail
Australasian Journal of Disaster and Trauma Studies psychology DOAJ Detail
Australasian Journal of Logic 14485052 logic / mathematics / computer science / linguistics / philosophy DOAJ Detail
Australia and New Zealand Health Policy (ANZHP) 17438462 health policy / health services DOAJ Detail
Australian e-Journal of Theology 14486326 religion / culture / theology / poetry / art DOAJ Detail
Australian Educational Computing education DOAJ Detail
Australian Journal of Crop Science 18352693 crop science / molecular biology / physiology / agronomy / plants DOAJ Detail
Australian Journal of Educational & Developmental Psychology education DOAJ Detail
Australian Journal of Emerging Technologies and Society 14490706 social sciences / behavioural sciences / humanities / life sciences DOAJ Detail
Avances en Quimica 18565301 chemistry research / chemistry education DOAJ Detail
Avicenna Journal of Medical Biotechnology 20082835 medicine DOAJ Detail

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